[Kindle/pdf] The Story of Redemption: A Journey through Each Book of the Bible

Free Ebook: The Story of Redemption

According to pastor and ESV Story of Redemption Bible commentator, Greg Gilbert, the Bible records the epic story “from Adam’s first breath in the garden of Eden to the final song of the redeemed in eternity.” Scripture reveals the wonderfully complex narrative of the world—a story that culminates in the work and person of Jesus Christ.

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[Logos] recommended monthly freebie (Nov)

New Covenant Commentary: 2 Timothy and Titus

In this eagerly anticipated sequel to Aída Spencer’s commentary on 1 Timothy, Spencer unveils the socio-cultural backdrop behind Paul’s pastoral teaching in Titus and 2 Timothy...
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1&2 Thessalonians: A New Covenant Commentary

1&2 Thessalonians: A New Covenant Commentary

In the first century, the Thessalonian church grieved deaths in their community, endured harsh persecution, and struggled with questions about the future. Paul offered them the comforts and reassurances of hope in the Messiah Jesus. But he offered far more than wishful thinking or pie-in-the-sky comfort...
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[Kindle] Two Horizons Commentary sale

Two Horizons Commentary (Old Testament and New Testament)
from US$1.99-3.99 


Logos 8 now available

  • notable new functions include the "canvas" and "theological guide" but not very impressive (for upgrade) given the price (even you have the academic discount)
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Interview: Schreiner’s BECNT commentary on Romans

"Thomas Schreiner’s BECNT commentary on Romans has just undergone a major revision from the first edition, released 20 years ago. The second edition is a whopping 944 pages of thorough exegetical work, updated with the latest scholarship on Paul’s greatest letter...." 


free Greek video lectures

twenty-six “Learn Greek” video lectures, which are keyed to D. A. Black’s, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, 3rd ed.


[Logos/Faithlife] recommended monthly freebie (Oct)

Ancient Christian Devotional: A Year of Weekly Readings: Lectionary Cycle A

To search the sacred Scripture is very good and most profitable for the soul. For, ‘like a tree which is planted near the running waters,’ so does the soul watered by sacred Scripture also grow hearty and bear fruit in due season,” writes John of Damascus in Orthodox Faith (4.17). By helping us to read holy writings with ancient eyes, the church fathers help us drink deeply from the only water that can give us true life. This guide to prayer and reflection combines excerpts from the writings o...
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  • [Faithlife]

Crazy Busy

"I’m too busy."
We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it. Sometimes being busy seems like the theme of our lives. Yet this frenetic pace poses a serious threat to our physical, social, and even spiritual well-being. In this mercifully short book about a really big problem, best-selling author Kevin DeYoung rejects the “busyness as usual” mindset, arguing that a life of constant chaos is far from what God intends. DeYoung helps us figure out a better way forward as he strikes a mature and well-reasoned balance between doing nothing and doing everything.


[Credo] Tremper Longman's OTT lecture audio (free today)

Old Testament Theology – Digital Audio

30 Audio Sessions
Dr. Tremper Longman is the author of over 10 books. This course provides an overview of the Old Testament from a theological perspective addressing discrepancies, themes, and controversies.

[ChristianAudio freebie] on depression (Sept)


FREE audiobook download for this month (normally $9.98)
In this moving fictional account, a caring bystander tries to convince a suicidal young man that his life has value and he has much to live for. Through their conversation, you will discover why we all have great worth, everyone has a reason and purpose for living, no situation is ever hopeless, and suicide is never a good option. Whether you want to be able to share these truths with others, or you need to hear them yourself, this impactful book will offer a lasting cure for this growing epidemic. 


[Logos/Verbum/Faithlife] recommended monthly freebie (Sept)

Preaching and Teaching the Last Things: Old Testament Eschatology for the Life of the Church


Baker Academic 2011

Distinguished Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser believes that the Old Testament is sorely neglected today in teaching and preaching—and that it is even more neglected when it comes to setting forth the hope that Christians have for the future. Firmly believing that the Old Testament offers important insights into biblical eschatology and the Christian life, he provides guidance for preachers, teachers, and Bible students on expositing 15 key Old Testament eschatological passages.
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  • Verbum
 The Sense of the Supernatural
T&T Clark, 1998 
Jean Borella explores the modernist crisis in Catholic theology, its causes and implications, and offers a solution to the fundamental dilemma of the Western Christian mind and a path to the recovery of the sense of the sacred.
Reg: $148.24 HKD
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  • Faithlife 

The Good Book

David C. Cook, 2017
The Good Book offers a user-friendly guide to the Bible's biggest ideas. By encouraging readers to spend just fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, reading key Bible chapters, Deron Spoo helps them understand the context and content of the Bible in a way that can open the whole Bible to them.
Designed as a 40-day journey through 40 key chapters of the Bible, The Good Book will appeal to those who already love and read the Bible regularly as well as to those who are just beginning their Christian journey.
The Good Book is great for individuals, and it can also be used by small groups. Check out The Good Book Participant’s Guide and The Good Book for Kids, also on sale this month. Plus, get the video curriculum from Faithlife TV.



[Logos] recommended pre-pub offer: NICNT on Galatians

  • sadly the only NIC volume contributed by a Chinese scholar (Ronald Y. K. Fung 馮蔭坤) is now retired.
  • for a hard copy, it costs you over HK$450 (with shipping), so this is really worth considering.

Logos runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.
$29.99 USD
($234.11 HKD*)
$359.02 HKD
  • Hardcover: 600 pages
  • Publisher: Eerdmans (August 30, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0802830555


Writing a commentary on Galatians is a daunting task. Despite its relative brevity, this Pauline letter raises a number of foundational theological issues, and it has played a vital role in shaping Christian thought and practice over the centuries.
In this replacement of Ronald Y. K. Fung’s 1988 New International Commentary volume, David deSilva ably rises to the challenge, providing a coherent account of Galatians as a piece of strategically crafted communication that addresses both the immediate pastoral challenges facing Paul’s converts in Galatia and the underlying questions that gave rise to them.
Paying careful attention to the history, philology, and theology of the letter, and interacting with a wealth of secondary literature on both Galatians and the rest of the Pauline corpus, deSilva’s exegetically sound commentary will serve as an essential resource for pastors and theological students.
In the Logos edition, this volume is enhanced by a world-class set of research and study tools. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


free Christian audio of the month: Religious Affections (Aug)



FREE audiobook download for this month (normally $16.98)
The Religious Affections Quite possibly one of the most important books ever written by America’s greatest theologian. Among the questions asked is, “What is the nature of true religion?” \"What are the signs of a true revival?\" and \"How is the heart changed?\" Edwards used his pulpit and his leadership of the Great Awakening to pen one of the most challenging and inquisitive books ever written.
  • recommended!


Logos/Faithlife monthly freebie: Joshua commentary (Aug)

  • not to be missed!

Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua

Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua

Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams interpret the book of Joshua in relation to Christian theology, providing exegetical commentary and reflection on an often troubling book that nonetheless plays a key role in the biblical drama of salvation.
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Two Horizons Commentary: 1 PeterTwo Horizons Commentary: 1 Peter

Even though the letter of 1 Peter has sometimes been overshadowed by Paul's many New Testament letters, it is nonetheless distinctive for the clarity with which it presents the Christian message. In this volume Joel Green offers a clear paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of 1 Peter and, even more, unpacks the letter’s theology in ways that go beyond the typical modern commentary.
$132.63 HKD
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This month's free book from Faithlife Ebooks

Serving God in a Migrant Crisis: Ministry to People on the Move

Millions are on the move, driven by war, drought, terrorism, poverty, failed states, environmental catastrophes, disease, revolutions, and the desire for a better life. Christians have a unique perspective on the migrant crisis: after all, Jesus was a refugee. So were Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.
Today, some turn their backs on refugees. In Serving God in a Migrant Crisis, Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill help us understand what's causing today's refugee crisis, explore Christian theology and tradition on migration, and show us how Christian workers around the globe are opening their hearts to embrace these modern outcasts.
"The world has literally come to our doorstep," they write. "Will we open the door?"


The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Constructive Conversation

Reg: $77.99 HKD
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Luke Timothy Johnson and William Kurz are Roman Catholic New Testament scholars who think that the apparent good health of biblical scholarship in America is deceptive...


[Logos/Kindle] Crucial Questions Series (28 vols.)

  • a nice set of booklets by a trusted evangelical preacher, now 28 vols (was 20 vols)

Crucial Questions Series (28 vols.)

by Sproul, R. C.

Reformation Trust, Ligonier Ministries 2009–2017
Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.
$0.00 HKD

---Kindle version (only individual titles)


[Olivetree] New Interpreter's One Volume Commentary sale

New Interpreter's One Volume Commentary

New Interpreter's One Volume Commentary

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Publisher: Abingdon, 2010
Save 60%


The New Interpreter’s Bible One-Volume Commentary brings the best of biblical scholarship to the service of the church. This volume features new articles on all the books of the Bible, including the Apocrypha, as well as general articles on the history, interpretation, and use of the Bible. The authors are a diverse group of the top biblical scholars in the world, and they provide thoughtful, challenging, and enlightening commentary on the eternal truths of Scripture.
The New Interpreter’s Bible One-Volume Commentary is designed for pastors, students, Bible teachers, and laypeople—anyone who wants a portable, accessible, and trustworthy resource for deeper Scripture study.

My 5 cents:
  • brief (as one vol, but not so brief, it's over 1000 pages) but written by many good scholars 
  • this series is not so familiar to some HK seminarians but not a bad one indeed: it covers apocrypha and has many general articles appended
  • you may want to see TOC here


[Kindle] Interpretation series sale

//Critical commentaries are great for exegesis, but when preparing to preach and teach, a good commentary that is specially oriented toward such is handy. Right now the Interpretation series from WJK press has a dozen volumes on sale for US$3.99 on Kindle.
  • Good ones: Gen, Deut, 1&2Sam, Prov, 1&2Thess

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Logos/Faithlife monthly freebie: 1 hour course on NT manuscript/ audio (July)

Mobile Ed: NT308 The Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts (1 hour course)

In this course, Craig Evans answers a question commonly asked about the New Testament—can we trust the manuscripts? Because the answer has serious consequences, Dr. Evans clearly outlines the history of these important documents. He discusses the quality, quantity, and age of the manuscripts and how these elements compare to nonbiblical ancient texts. He describes the practices of ancient writers and scribes and provides numerous examples to show that the manuscripts of the New Testament are reliable.
$312.18 HKD
Save 100%
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This month's free book from Faithlife Ebooks

Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry
After traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of churches worldwide, Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture.
He is not only concerned about the spiritual life of the pastor, but also with the very community of people that trains him, calls him, relates to him, and restores him if necessary.
Dangerous Calling reveals the truth that the culture surrounding our pastors is spiritually unhealthy—an environment that actively undermines the wellbeing and efficacy of our church leaders and thus the entire church body.
Here is a book that both diagnoses and offers cures for issues that impact every member and church leader, and gives solid strategies for fighting the all-important war that rages in our churches today.


[pdf/Kindle/epub] free Marshall Segal’s Not Yet Married: The Pursuit of Joy in Singleness and Dating

Marshall Segal, Not Yet Married: The Pursuit of Joy in Singleness and Dating (Wheaton: Crossway, 2017).

Free eBook: ‘Not Yet Married’

This weekend only, download Marshall Segal’s Not Yet Married free of charge in three digital formats:
  • PDF
  • MOBI (for Kindle readers)
  • EPUB (for all other e-readers)
Paperback and audio versions are available for purchase.
In Not Yet Married, Marshall Segal calls Christians to live, and date, for more than just marriage.
If you follow Jesus, the search for a spouse is no longer a pursuit of perfection, but a mutually flawed pursuit of him. He will write a love story for you different than the one you would have written for yourself — because he loves you and knows how to write a better story. Trust him, and he will help you find real hope, happiness, and purpose in your not-yet-married life.

other selected OliveTree Beat the Clock deals -but cheapest for today only

  • the first two are the best deals, if you don't have them in your Logos!

Ancient Christian Texts (14 Vols.)

Ancient Christian Texts (14 Vols.) 

UBS Handbooks for the NT (20 Vols.)

UBS Handbooks for the NT (20 Vols.)

Welwyn Commentary Series (43 Vols.)

Welwyn Commentary Series (43 Vols.)

60% Off New Anchor Yale Bible Commentary (91 Vols.)

60% Off New Anchor Yale Bible Commentary (91 Vols.)

[Kindle] NIV, First-Century Study Bible sale

  • the notes are not very extensive but still it's 3 bucks only


[OliveTree] NAC -New Testament Set sale (Discounts End June 20, 11:59PM PST)

New American Commentary (NAC) - New Testament Set (18 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

by E. Ray Clendenen and Daniel L. Akin
Publisher: Broadman & Holman


Save 71%


The New American Commentary collects the best in contemporary evangelical scholarship in a series that examines the entire Bible in depth. The New American Commentary – New Testament Set currently offers 18 volumes of commentary on the New Testament. The volumes of this set are also available individually - see below for links to the individual titles.

Other sale items

Logos Feature Expansion sale

50% off Supercharge Your Favorite Features

Get a great deal on new books specially curated to help your Logos
tools deliver more results.

  • For the different collections on sale, seems you need to have a Logos 7 Bronze as a starting point. But back to the sale items, just some noteworthy points of the collections:
    • For the "Cultural Concepts Collection (35 vols.)", you have a pretty good deal. The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and Social-Science Commentary at nearly 80% off!
    • For the "Factbook Collection (22 vols.)", there are some good dictionaries, now at more than 80% off!


BibleWorks Crossover Packages: Accordance and Logos

For those who would consider moving away from BW, these companies know how to do business...(but for me, BW is irreplaceable)

Note: You have one day left to buy BW10 at US$199