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[Logos] Reading the Old Testament Commentary Series (6 vols.)

  •  for those OT lovers

Reading the Old Testament Commentary Series (6 vols.)

, 2011–2015


It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of word-by-word, verse-by-verse exegesis—picking over familiar passages in such detail can sometimes render them flat and uninspiring. Worse, in the hands of scholars writing for scholars, even the most profound research can become stupefying and impenetrable. The Reading the Old Testament series helps you rediscover the Hebrew Bible with cutting-edge scholarship—whether you’re a specialist or lay person. Expert authors such as James Crenshaw, Marvin Sweeney, and Mark Biddle focus on the larger literary and thought units of a given book, highlighting how they function in the work as a whole. Utilizing a broad array of reading strategies and critical approaches, these scholars help you become a more competent, more engaged, and more enthusiastic Bible reader.

In the Logos editions, these volumes are enhanced by amazing functionality. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

Key Features

  • Focuses on large literary and thought units in Old Testament books
  • Features the scholarship of acclaimed biblical experts
  • Helps readers become more competent, engaged, and enthusiastic Bible readers

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[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (May)

  • there are quite a number of specialized goodies this month (for all : Logos.com, Faithlife and Verbum) which is somewhat rare...
  • I recommend this following


  • Logos

Five Models of Scripture

“To relish the feast that is Scripture, we need to use multiple models.” A Christian never gains all that Scripture offers by reading it with just one approach. Yet too often this is attempted—whether through an academic obsession with the historical-critical method or through a consumerist approach that seeks only the motivation of the moment. Mark Reasoner broadens the options for scriptural engagement by describing five models of Scripture: documents, stories, prayers, laws, and oracles. To illustrate each, he uses examples from throughout the history of interpretation. While he concedes that certain books of the Bible will naturally lend themselves to particular models, Reasoner shows how an appreciation for all five will enrich one’s scriptural insights while also bridging divides between the various branches of the Christian family.

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Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community

This is a bold book. It has to do with changing the life of American society, from the inside out, through "source action" of prayer. "I have written a book for Christians," says Eugene Peterson, "who want to do something about what is wrong with America and want to plunge into the center, not tinker at the edge. I have chosen eleven psalms that shaped the politics of Israel and can shape the politics of America, and I have taken them seriously...I have written to encourage Christians to pray them both as children of God with eternal destinies and as American citizens with daily responsibilities in caring for our nation." Peterson is concerned with the "unselfing" of our self-preoccupied, self-bound society through the action of praying together with other believers. He offers insightful, thought-provoking reflections on eleven select psalm-prayers that can help us overcome such things as self-centeredness, self-assertiveness, self-righteousness, self-sufficiency,...

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The Messianic Theology of the New Testament

One of the earliest Christian confessions—that Jesus is Messiah and Lord—has long been recognized throughout the New Testament. Joshua Jipp shows that the New Testament is in fact centered around this foundational messianic claim, and each of its primary compositions is a unique creative expansion of this common thread. Having made this argument about the Pauline epistles in his previous book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology, Jipp works methodically through the New Testament to show how the authors proclaim Jesus as the incarnate, crucified, and enthroned messiah of God.

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  •  Verbum


‘In the Beginning…’: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall (Ressourcement: Retrieval and Renewal in Catholic Thought | RRRCT)

In four superb homilies and a concluding essay, Joseph Ratzinger, provides a clear and inspiring exploration of the Genesis creation narratives. While the stories of the world’s creation and the fall of humankind have often been subjected to reductionism of one sort or another—literalists treat the Bible as a science textbook whereas rationalists divorce God from creation—Ratzinger presents a rich, balanced Catholic understanding of these early biblical writings and attests to their enduring vitality.

$70.57 HKD


An Outline of New Testament Spirituality

It has become commonplace in contemporary culture to divorce spirituality from religion and regard the two as separate, competing entities. Yet Prosper Grech, an Augustinian father and professor of early Christian literature, recognizes no such distinction. The Christian religion, he finds, is infused with spirituality—which he defines not in a New Age sense but rather as the believer's full response to God's offer of salvation in Christ." In this book, Grech presents the essential spiritual themes of Christian belief for meditation by any who seek to live out their Christian faith in its fullness.

$94.11 HKD

  • Faithlife



[Kindle] Eerdmans spring sale (till 30/4/23)

 [Kindle and Apple Books only]

up to 60% off!

  • Other than your favourite authors from Eerdmans, you may also want to look for series like NICOT/NT, Pillar NT Commentary, Eerdmans Critical Commentary... (or try the search box on their page)

Spring Cleaning eBook Sale | April 2023

[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (Apr)

Not bad for this month.

N.B. If you want more familiarity with verbal aspects, Runge's commentary on James should not be missed.

The New Testament Commentary Guide: A Brief Handbook for Students and Pastors

In this short, accessible resource, Nijay Gupta helps beginning Bible students understand the various available commentaries—their strengths, unique contributions, and ultimately, how to use them. Through The New Testament Commentary Guide, readers will understand how to incorporate commentaries into their learning and be enriched in their study of the Bible.

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I Will Lift My Eyes Unto the Hills: Learning from the Great Prayers of the Old Testament

All Christians desire to pray more effectively. What better way to learn how to pray than to study the great prayers of the Old Testament. This volume explores 11 such prayers—Abraham interceding for Sodom, David praising God for his kingly dynasty, Solomon asking for a listening heart, Hezekiah pleading for help against an arrogant army, and Daniel confessing sins on behalf of the entire nation of Israel. This book is an answer to the prayer, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

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High Definition Commentary: James

Study and teach James like never before! Dr. Steve Runge, author of Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament, provides discourse-based commentary, featuring custom-designed slides to use in your teaching.

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Navigating Tough Texts: A Guide to Problem Passages in the New Testament

While the core message of the New Testament is clear, there are often puzzling, alarming, or confusing things we encounter when we get into the details of the text. Murray J. Harris, veteran scholar and translator, is an ideal guide through these complicated passages. In Navigating Tough Texts, he clearly and concisely provides exegetical insights to over one hundred tricky New Testament verses that have implications for theology, apologetics, mission, and the Christian life.

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Hebrews Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

In Hebrews Verse by Verse, the late Grant R. Osborne, with George H. Guthrie, shows readers how this beautifully crafted letter encourages believers to endure in faithfulness to Jesus. By using Scripture and theology to lay the foundation for these exhortations, the central message of Hebrews continues to be relevant for the church today. Osborne’s commentary delves into the grand implications of Christ’s identity and its importance for our spiritual lives.

Print list price: $23.99

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Psalms: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (2 vols.) (EBTC)

James M. Hamilton provides a fresh translation and canonical interpretation of the Psalms. Though commonly read in isolation, the Psalms are best read as a collage that tells a story of God’s faithfulness to his people through his king. Following the introductory Psalms 1–2, Hamilton observes the significance of the Psalter’s intentional macro-structuring and intricate links across neighboring psalms. Hamilton interprets with a literary sensitivity and an eye towards canonical connections. Learn where the Psalms belong in the redemptive story, how they relate to God’s people, and how they find their fulfillment in Jesus.

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Expositions of the Psalms 121–150

As the psalms are a microcosm of the Old Testament, so the Expositions of the Psalms can be seen as a microcosm of Augustinian thought. In the Book of Psalms are to be found the history of the people of Israel, the theology and spirituality of the Old Covenant, and a treasury of human experience expressed in prayer and poetry. So too does the work of expounding the psalms recapitulate and focus the experiences of Augustine’s personal life, his theological reflections and his pastoral concerns as...




[Kindle sale] The Jesus of the Gospels

 The Jesus of the Gospels: An Introduction by [Andreas Köstenberger]


Greek tools from Biblical Text Institute


Biblical Text Institute: Another site with Bible reading and Greek learning tools (Website and iOS versions only).  

  • one of the useful features is the dictionary where you can find all the available forms of a Greek word (with NT occurrences in one page. Other features: flash cards, Parsing Practice etc)





[Logos] WBC and NICNT/OT---- 41% off

  • if you don't have a whole set of commentary and want a heavy one, this is it.


Word Biblical Commentary | WBC (61 vols.)

Publishers: Thomas Nelson; Word; Zondervan, 1982–2019


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Save $500.00 (41%)


New International Commentary: Old and New Testament (49 vols.)

Publisher: Eerdmans, 1974–2022


Regular price: $2,233.50
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[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (Mar) (Nothing for Feb)

In the Presence of My Enemies: Psalms 25–37

The Psalms can be very helpful, but they can also be hard. Following on from The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life and Slogging Along the Paths of Righteousness, Dale Ralph Davis delves into Psalms 25 to 37. Using his own recognisable humour and razor–sharp observations these expositions help us to engage with the conflict in these twelve psalms.

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As Though We Were Dreaming: A Commentary on the Songs of Ascents for Lent

The Eastern Christian liturgical tradition of Lent has long included the chanting of the Songs of Ascents (Pss 120-134) as “entrance songs” of not only the special penance service known as the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, but also of the season of repentance. Ruckhaus’ commentary in As Though We Were Dreaming provides theological insight and exegetical breadth to this group of Psalms.






St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology

Brendan Wolfe ed., St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology (St. Andrews, Scotland: University of St. Andrews, 2023). 

//The St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology is an online, free-to-access encyclopaedia of the highest academic standards, treating the full discipline of Theology with rigour and clarity.

The Encyclopaedia is still a work in progress and some areas of work are still at an early stage, but it will ultimately incorporate intellectual content from all major religious traditions.

Engagement will proceed in distinct stages: an initial phase, assembling a network of Senior Editors and advisors, and a main phase, in which articles are commissioned and authored. At present, the Encyclopaedia is engaging with the following traditions:

  • Christianity (main phase)
  • Judaism (entering main phase)
  • Islam (entering main phase)
  • Buddhism (entering main phase)
  • Hinduism (initial phase).//


Latest version of Logos app for free: Auto updates for Logos 9/10 users, for Logos 8/earlier...

Latest version of Logos app for free

From 21/2 onwards, there will be auto updates for Logos 9 or 10 users to the latest version (since the feature set of a version is purchased separately)

For users of Logos 8 or earlier ones, pls install this Logos Free Edition, in order to be updated automatically.

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[Logos] NICNT/OT series sale (till 28/2)


US$20 is cheap but for my recommendations/ favorites, I like 

  • Deut 1-11 (Arnold), Judges, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah (Goldingay)
  • Matthew, John (Michaels), Romans (Moo, 2nd ed.), 1Cor (Fee, 2d ed.), Gal (DeSilva), Ephesians, Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews (Cockrell)  
  • (Yes, NT vols. are apparently more update)


[Kindle] Thiselton's Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion

 A Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion (Concise Encyclopedias) by [Anthony C. Thiselton]

A Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion (Concise Encyclopedias) Kindle Edition


[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (Jan)

After God’s Own Heart: The Gospel According to David (Gospel according to the Old Testament)

With lucid insights on every page, After God’s Own Heart examines the life of David, showing how the Old Testament king relates to anointing, covenant, the temple, and sin. Ultimately, however, the author shows how David pictures the Messiah to come. This volume in the Gospel According to the Old Testament series includes questions for individual or group study.

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According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible

The massive diversity and complexity of the Bible can make it a daunting project for anyone to tackle. Getting a grasp on the unity of the Bible, its central message from Genesis to Revelation, helps immensely in understanding the meaning of any one book or passage. That is the goal of this book by Graeme Goldsworthy. • How do the Old and New Testaments fit together? • What is the point of biblical theology? • What is the overall story of the Bible? • What difference does it make? G...

Regular Price: $9.99

Save $8.00 (80%)

Your Price: $1.99

Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, And Theological Commentary

Much controversy surrounds the opening chapters of Genesis. They are front-loaded with all manner of vital topics—such as God's work of creating the world and mankind; what it means to be human; why our present experience is so different from what we find in Genesis 2; how we come to know God and to be sure of his love. Collins employs a literary-theological method informed by contemporary discourse analysis in order to read passages as coherent wholes. He shows how later biblical and inter-testamental writers have used Genesis 1–4 and reflects on how these chapters shape a Christian worldview today.

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A Theology of James: Wisdom for God’s People (Explorations in Biblical Theology)

In A Theology of James, Chris Morgan lays out a coherent biblical theology of the epistle of James, connecting the particulars of the book to the big picture of the Bible. With Chris Morgan’s helpful analysis, readers will find James’ message to be both grounded in theology—and livable.

Your Price: $4.99


The New Creation

A reissue of McCabe’s study of the sacraments and what it means to live in the Church and the Church’s world, The New Creation explores how human beings can reach real unity with one another and the world around them through the Spirit of Christ. The New Creation engages with themes like the Word of God, the Son of God, the meaning of community and communion and the sacraments as mysteries of human unity; the place of physical healing in the redeemed world and the Old-Testament and pagan religi...




[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (Dec)

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

The Word of the cross is a living word, crying out for reinterpretation as life takes new shape and expression. Reinterpreting the Gospel was particularly compelling for Matthew’s church because his Christians lived in a time of profound transition. The Passion of Jesus, then, was not simply a story of suffering out of the past but a point of identification for the Christians of Matthew’s own time. For twentieth-century Christians, who also know the peculiar suffering and hope of living in an ag...



  • Logos: no ebook, just online course videos