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The IVP Dictionary Series (8 Vols.)

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Publisher: InterVarsity Press (IVP)


Unique among reference books on the Bible, the volumes of the IVP Bible Dictionary Series bridge the gap between scholars and those pastors, teachers, students and lay people desiring in-depth treatment of select topics in an accessible and summary format.
Articles cover traditional and contemporary topics, including cross-sectional themes, methods of interpretation, significant historical or cultural background, and each Old and New Testament book as a whole.
In part and in whole, the IVP Bible Dictionary Series presents the fruit of evangelical biblical scholarship at the intersection of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries--committed to the authority of Scripture, utilizing the best of critical methods, and maintaining dialog with contemporary research and challenges facing the church.
The IVP Dictionary Series (8 Vols.) includes:

Other Greek & Hebrew Resources on Sale!


[Logos] monthly freebie (Jan)

Isaiah for Everyone

In this volume on Isaiah, John Goldingay explores the first of the great prophetic books. Isaiah is a compilation of the prophetic messages of several prophets. Their messages to the people of Judah and Jerusalem included a call for injustice to be recognized, a message of liberation and hope from the oppressors of the people, and a message of the coming day of judgment.
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Old Testament Exegesis: A Handbook for Students and Pastors

Old Testament Exegesis: A Handbook for Students and Pastors

For years, Douglas Stuart’s Old Testament Exegesis has been one of the most popular ways to learn how to perform exegesis—the science and art of interpreting biblical texts properly for understanding as well as proclamation.
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New Testament Exegesis: A Handbook for Students and Pastors

New Testament Exegesis: A Handbook for Students and Pastors

Building on the belief that the task of exegesis is to understand the divine-human intention locked within the biblical text, Gordon Fee provides a lucid step-by-step analysis of exegetical procedures that has made New Testament Exegesis a standard textbook for nearly two decades.
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from Verbum & Faithlife:

A Lexicon of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Dr. Deferrari analyzes every word in St. Thomas’Summa Theologica. The work also includes analyses of words from other works of St. Thomas where helpful in filling out St. Thomas’ Latin vocabulary.
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Humans are hardwired for awe.
Our hearts are always captured by something—that’s how God made us. But sin threatens to distract us from the glory of our Creator. All too often, we stand in awe of everything butGod.
Uncovering the lies we believe about all the earthly things that promise us peace, life, and contentment, Paul Tripp redirects our gaze to God’s awe-inducing glory—showing how such a vision has the potential to impact our every thought, word, and deed.

[ChristianAudio freebie] free Spurgeon devotion (Jan)

  • good and old devotion material now with voice


FREE audiobook download for this month (normally $16.98)
Since the penning of Morning and Evening over 100 years ago, this devotional classic has become hugely popular and been a favorite for millions worldwide. 


[Logos] discounted goodies on Biblical Studies

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Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics: A Comprehensive Framework for Hearing God in Scripture
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Kregel Handbooks for Old Testament and New Testament Exegesis (5 vols.)
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  • an ok series (I reviewed one on the general epistles ; ) )

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A Commentary on the Psalms, vols. 1-2
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Paul and the Faithfulness of God (2 vols.)
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God and the Faithfulness of Paul
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  • a comprehensive response to Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Useful one.

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[Audio/Video] Dan Wallace Textual Criticism Digital Products FREE (TODAY ONLY!)

Credo Courses:  Textual Criticism – Daniel Wallace


A Scholarly Defense of the New Testament Manuscript Tradition

Christianity is based upon the Bible. Today, the Bible is under attack on all fronts. However, these attacks are usually surface level treatments of the topic put forth by those who don’t really have an understanding of the topic.
Dr. Daniel Wallace is arguably the foremost scholar today on the topic of New Testament Textual Criticism
For those who are tired of today’s church being so anti-intellectual and adrift at sea with no anchor, we ask you to get involved in reclaiming your mind for Christ. This study aims at turning the tides toward a new age of humble theological depth.


[ChristianAudio freebie] on Augustine (Dec)


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The Confessions is at once the autobiographical account of Augustine's faith and at the same time a compelling theology of Christian spirituality for everyone. Among the most important classics in Western literature, it continues to engage modern readers through Augustine's timeless illustrations and beautiful prose. Augustine's Confessions is a book to relish the first time through and then profoundly enjoy over a lifetime of revisiting.

[Logos] monthly freebie (Dec)

No One Like Him: The Doctrine of God

Many contemporary theologians claim that the classical picture of God painted by Augustine and Aquinas is both outmoded and unbiblical. But rather than abandoning the traditional view completely, John Feinberg seeks a reconstructed model—one that reflects the ongoing advances in human understanding of God's revelation while recognizing the unchanging nature of God and his Word.

[Faithlife ebooks]

The Promises of God

In The Promises of God, Dr. R. C. Sproul shows how God—the one true Promise Keeper—always keeps His promises.

Drawing from his expansive theological background, Dr. Sproul addresses questions such as: How do we know that God will fulfill His promises to us? What can we learn about God’s faithfulness as we wait for His promises to be fulfilled? And many more.
God’s promises throughout history are the foundation for your relationship with Him. Here you will see how and why He keeps His promises to you, from now through eternity.


Daily Reader for Contemplative Living

This work brings together for each day of the year three prayer practices for contemplative living: first, a brief “active prayer”; second, spiritual reading; and, third, Lectio Divina. The brief introductory prayer sentences are from various sources—the Bible and traditional prayers of the church or of well-known spiritual writers. The spiritual readings come from 11 of Father Keating’s books and one audiotape, with a month’s worth of readings derived from each work.


[Kindle] Eerdmans Dec sale (till 31 Dec)

  • a few good ones:

Valuable insights into key disputed topics from a veritable who's who of evangelical scholars

In this volume thirty-seven first-rate evangelical scholars present a thorough study of biblical authority and a full range of issues connected to it.
Recognizing that Scripture and its authority are now being both challenged and defended with renewed vigor, editor D. A. Carson assigned the topics that these select scholars address in the book. After an introduction by Carson to the many facets of the current discussion, the contributors present robust essays on relevant historical, biblical, theological, philosophical, epistemological, and comparative-religions topics. To conclude, Carson answers a number of frequently asked questions about the nature of Scripture, cross-referencing these FAQs to the preceding chapters.
This comprehensive volume by a team of recognized experts will be the go-to reference on the nature and authority of the Bible for years to come.

Practical Theology: An Introduction Kindle Edition
Print List Price: $25.00  Save $22.01 (88%)‎

Every church congregation encounters challenging situations, some the same the world over, and others specific to each church. Richard Osmer here seeks to teach congregational leaders -- including, but not limited to, clergy -- the requisite knowledge and skills to meet such situations with sensitivity and creativity.

Osmer develops a framework for practical theological interpretation in congregations by focusing on four key questions: What is going on in a given context? Why is this going on? What ought to be going on? and How might the leader shape the context to better embody Christian witness and mission?

The book is unique in its attention to interdisciplinary issues and the ways that theological reflection is grounded in the spirituality of leaders. Useful, accessible, and lively -- with lots of specific examples and case studies -- Osmer‘s Practical Theology effectively equips congregational leaders to guide their communities with theological integrity.