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  • 真係係好平架, 雖然平台係Olivetree, 但唔駛HK$50一本...
  • 馬可, 使徒行傳, 林前, 教牧書信都唔差的 (當然這系列以Carson本約翰福音最廣為人知)

Pillar New Testament Commentary (16 Vols.) — PNTC

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Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
Series Editor: D. A. Carson
Pillar New Testament Commentary (16 Vols.) — PNTC

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[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (July)

Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus and Mislead Popular Culture

Reinventing Jesus cuts through the rhetoric of extreme doubt to reveal the profound credibility of historic Christianity. Meticulously researched yet eminently readable, this book invites a wide audience to take a firsthand look at the primary evidence for Christianity’s origins.

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The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming

Whether you’re learning biblical Greek or using it, this is the reference tool to keep on hand. In a quick visual layout, it supplements textbooks to gives you immediate access to, First-year Greek grammar, Second-year Greek syntax, and Step-by-step phrase diagramming. Easy to use, The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek crystalizes the information you need to know for classes or enables you to develop a sermon or lesson outline from the Greek New Testament faster than you could from an English translation.

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Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses

The Life of Moses has special significance because it reflects Gregory’s “spiritual sense” of the Scriptures. Gregory frames an immensely significant synthesis of the earlier Hellenistic and Jewish interpretive tradition in this work. He describes the spiritual ascent as taking place in three stages, symbolized by the Lord’s revelation of himself to Moses, first in light, then in the cloud and, finally, in the dark. Find new insight into the teachings of the ancient church with this translation.

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30% off Logos 7 libraries


  • seems like it's only 30% off but if you browse through the different libraries, not only you can find your favourite authors (like N. T. Wright of Witherington...), you will see you already have some discounts on top of it. 
  • say, I chose "Logos 7 Anglican Bronze Legacy Library", it's only HK$249 for me but I get both NT and OT for Everyone series and others....
  • check it out


Theological IQ test (for fun)

  •  Credo House recommendation for you (what courses to take)
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Discover your theological IQ and find out what courses you should start with. 


[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month


Hard Sayings of the Bible

Hard Sayings of the Bible offers explanations of over 500 of the most troubling verses to test the minds and hearts of Bible readers. Four seasoned scholars, all with a notable gift for communicating with people in the pew, take you behind the scenes to find succinct solutions to a wide variety of Bible difficulties, ranging from discrepancies about numbers to questions about God’s justice.

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Psalms: An Introduction and Commentary

The book of Psalms is the heart of the Old Testament, the libretto of the most vibrant worship imaginable. It informs our intellect, stimulates our imagination, arouses our emotions and stirs us to holy thoughts and actions. It is also a pivotal witness to, and anticipation of, Jesus Christ. Tremper Longman’s commentary interprets each psalm in its Old Testament setting, summarizes its message and reflects on its significance from a New Testament perspective, noting any citation and also providi...

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Exodus (Apollos Old Testament Commentary | AOT)  Evangelical scholar, 2 volumes!

Recounting the greatest event of divine salvation in the Old Testament, the book of Exodus is not merely a story about the Lord God rescuing enslaved Israelites from the power of a despotic and xenophobic dictator. More importantly, it highlights how a compassionate and justice-seeking God transforms the lives of victimized people so that they may experience life in all its fullness in his holy presence. This transformation involves a unique process that includes redemption, ransoming, cleansing...

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  •  Faithlife


Free Book Cover

All Things New

All Things New will take you on a journey into the very heart of God and his relentless passion to redeem lives, heal the nations, rewire the culture, and bring renewal to all of creation.
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[free audio] Spurgeon's All of Grace

The free audiobook of the month

All of Grace

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Charles Spurgeon is one of the great preachers in the history of Christianity. Spurgeon also communicates brilliantly through the written word, and his giftedness to proclaim the doctrine of grace shines in his little gem, All of Grace. Many Christians believe that this small book presents better than any other non-canonical work the gospel of salvation alone by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This short book is one of the bright jewels in post-apostolic writings on grace. All of Grace is a perfect companion for Christians who wish to refresh their confidence in the grace of God. This book also makes an excellent introduction to those who are exploring the Christian gospel. Whether you are new to Christianity or a long-time believer, All of Grace will capture your attention and interest page after page.


[Logos] noteworthy free books of the month (May)

  •  Verbum

Christian Philosophy in the Early Church

The first followers of Jesus were not drawn from the intellectual and social elite of their day, but rather from artisans, tax collectors, and the more disreputable members of society. Yet out of such seemingly insignificant beginnings, a seed was planted by his teaching, his cross, and his resurrection which was destined to spread its shade over the entire known world. What had begun as an essentially Jewish movement founded on the preaching of the Messiah became, with amazing speed, a religion that was accepted by pagans, Goths, Franks, and more. This book traces the growth of the church and the development of Christian philosophy through the first centuries.


  •  faithlife

The Trinity, Practically Speaking

Three Gods, or One, or Three-in-One? Since the word "trinity" does not appear in the Bible, many people wonder whether the doctrine is anything more than an intellectual puzzle created by theologians. This book takes readers on a guided tour of the logic leading to understanding God as a trinity.
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[Kindle] Hands-On Approach to studying and applying the Bible



[Logos] noteworthy free books of the month (Apr)

  • Logos

The Universal Story: Genesis 1–11 (Transformative Word)  

The Universal Story: Genesis 1–11 (Transformative Word)

In The Universal Story, Dru Johnson shows how Genesis 1–11 is written in a way that informs the rest of biblical history—including the exodus, the kings of Israel, the exile, the Gospels, and early church. Genesis 1–11 presents a story of humanity that seeks to explain the background of every human endeavor.

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  • Verbum

Thoughts in Solitude

Merton’s Thoughts in Solitude shares the author’s reflections on a solitary life, as well as the importance of quiet reflection. Merton writes that inner solitude is closely tied to personal integrity, and thus implies responsibility and freedom.

$116.56 HKD