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While the term “Christian republicanism” is known to most historians of the early republic, very few have attempted to explicate its unique theology or to identify its various religious, moral, and even racial permutations in the church. Christian republicanism was much more than just a set of political or social commitments. It was also a loose theological system. This article provides an introduction to Christian republicanism, tracing its beliefs, defining its boundaries, and chronicling its lifespan in the early United States when it flourished in the American mind.



[epub] Carter's Jesus and the Empire of God

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[Kindle sale] Con Campbell on crisis of Evangelicalism


  • Jesus v. Evangelicals: A Biblical Critique of a Wayward Movement

Zondervan, 2023

American evangelicalism is at a crisis point.

The naked grasping at political power at the expense of moral credibility has revealed a movement in disarray. Evangelicals are now faced with a quandary: will they double-down and continue along this perilous path, or will they stop, reflect, and change course? And while support of Donald Trump has produced the tipping point of the evangelical crisis, it is not by any means its only problem.

Evangelicals claim the Bible as the supreme authority in matters of faith. But in reality, it is particular readings of the Bible that govern evangelical faith. Some evangelical readings of the Bible can be highly selective. They distort the Bible's teaching in crucial ways and often lead evangelicals to misguided attempts to relate to the world around them. Many Christians who once self-professed as "evangelicals" can no longer use the term of themselves because of what it has come to represent--power-mongering, divisiveness, judgementalism, hypocrisy, pride, greed. Some leave not just evangelicalism but Christianity for good.

Jesus v. Evangelicals is an insider's critique of the evangelical movement according to its own rules. Since evangelicals regard themselves governed by the Bible, biblical scholar Constantine Campbell engages the Bible to critique evangelicals and to call out the problems within the contemporary evangelical movement. By revealing evangelical distortions of the Bible, this book seeks to restore the dignity of the Christian faith and to renew public interest in Jesus, while calling evangelicals back to his teaching. Constantine Campbell appeals to evangelicals to break free from the grid that has distorted their understanding of the Bible and to restore public respect for Christianity in spite of its misrepresentations by the evangelical church.

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[Kindle] Paul and the Giants of Philosophy on sale

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  • Paul and the Giants of Philosophy: Reading the Apostle in Greco-Roman Context

IVP, 2019
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Biblical Foundations Award Finalist

What forces shaped the intellectual world of the apostle Paul? How familiar was he with the great philosophers of his age, and to what extent was he influenced by them? When he quoted Greco-Roman sources, what was his aim?

Pauline scholars wrestle with such questions in journal articles and technical monographs, but now Paul and the Giants of Philosophy brings the conversation into the college classroom and the church. Each essay addresses Paul's interaction with Greco-Roman philosophical thinking on a particular topic, such as faith, slavery, gift-giving, and the afterlife. And each chapter includes discussion questions and reading lists to help readers engage the material further. Dodson and Briones have gathered contributors with diverse views from various traditions who are united in the desire to make Paul's engagement with ancient philosophy accessible to many readers.

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[Logos] Noteworthy books of the month (June)

  •  many good biblical stuff, not to be missed

The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

For over twenty years, Craig Blomberg’s The Historical Reliability of the Gospels has provided a useful antidote to many of the toxic effects of skeptical criticism of the Gospels. Offering a calm, balanced overview of the history of Gospel criticism, especially that of the late twentieth century, Blomberg introduces readers to the methods employed by New Testament scholars and shows both the values and limits of those methods. He then delves more deeply into the question of miracles, Synoptic d...

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The New Bible Commentary (NBC)

In recent years there have been many new developments in biblical scholarship, some challenging and some affirming scriptural accounts. This authoritative reference work brings together many of the finest scholars of our day to meet the needs of the church well into the twenty-first century. This re...

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New Dictionary of Biblical Theology: Exploring the Unity Diversity of Scripture (IVP Reference Collection)

The 'New Dictionary of Biblical Theology' will quickly establish itself as an essential building block of every library of basic biblical reference books. Building on its companion volumes, the 'New Bible Dictionary' and 'New Bible Commentary,' this work takes readers to a higher vantage point where they can view the thematic terrain of the Bible in its canonical wholeness.

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The Old Testament and God

In 'The Old Testament and God,' Craig G. Bartholomew offers an innovative, compelling new introduction that takes a critical realist approach to our understanding of the history, literature and theology of the Old Testament. Opening up a distinctly theological interpretation, he explores the key questions that arise from reading the Old Testament against its environment and pays close attention to intertextuality – both within the Old Testament itself and between the Old and New Testaments. Packed full of brilliant insight, this is a fresh, illuminating account of the question of God in the context of Old Testament interpretation today. The Old Testament and God is the first volume in a ground-breaking new series, Old Testament Origins and the Question of God, which acts as a companion series to N. T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God.

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Ecclesiastes & the Song of Songs (Apollos Old Testament Commentary | AOT)

The Bible is both the inspired word of God for his people, whether in biblical times or for the church today, and a fully human book, written in a variety of cultural settings. The Apollos Old Testament Commentary aims to take with equal seriousness the divine and human aspects of Scripture. This volume by Daniel J. Estes and Daniel J. Estes expounds the books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs in a scholarly manner, and it shows the relevance of these important books to today’s readers. Edited...

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The Message of the Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Encounter (The Bible Speaks Today Themes)

Despite the teaching of the Bible and church tradition, it seems that many Christians can still lack an appreciation of God the Holy Spirit. He has sometimes been valued more for the gifts he bestows than for who he is; or he has been viewed simply as the “third person of the Godhead.” However, Keith Warrington’s conviction is that the Holy Spirit is more important, more central, more immanently involved in his creation, the church, and individual believers, more often and more strategically, t...

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The Beauty of Holiness: Re-Reading Isaiah in the Light of the Psalms

Joseph Blenkinsopp presents an intertextual reading of Isaiah and the Psalms furthering his previous well-known work on the text of Isaiah. Blenkinsopp argues that, read together, these two biblical books can be shown to form a single religious vision, a way of experiencing and articulating a commitment to the fundamentals of the faith of Israel, with its own distinctive character. Blenkinsopp shows how the emphasis in Isaiah and the Psalms is on affect and emotion, the expression of joy and sorrow articulated in music, singing, and dancing; in praise, thanksgiving and lament. This represents a key difference from other parts of the Hebrew Bible where the focus is more on the Law and on the covenant at Sinai–in Isaiah and the Psalms these terms rarely occur, the focus is instead on Zion and on the Temple. Blenkinsopp shows how the temple singers, with their close connections with the circles which transmitted and eventually committed to writing the Book of Isaiah, demonstrate th...

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When We Say Father: Unlocking the Power of the Lord's Prayer

Adrian Roger's last written manuscript before his passing in 2005, has been edited and brought together by his son Steve, as a final joint work. When We Say Father takes the Lord's Prayer and breaks it down to its most basic components for readers to easily learn how to pray from the ultimate source, Jesus himself.

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[Logos pre-order] 2nd edition of Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek by Constantine R. Campbell

  • a must for Greek course, now in 2nd ed.
  • You can order a Kindle copy at US$14.99, $1 cheaper, but without the Logos integrations. 

Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek, 2nd ed.

by Constantine R. Campbell
Publisher:Zondervan Academic, 2024

$15.99 USD (HK$124.82)

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An accessible introduction to verbal aspect in biblical Greek by a well-known and trusted New Testament scholar.

Verbal aspect in the Greek language has been a topic of significant debate in recent scholarship. The majority of scholars now believe that an understanding of verbal aspect is even more important than verb tense (past, present, etc.). Yet there still are no alternative accessible textbooks, both in terms of level and price. In the second edition, Constantine R. Campbell investigates the function of verbal aspect within the New Testament Greek narrative in light of the last fifteen years of the latest scholarship.

In Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek, Second Edition, Campbell has done a marvelous job in this book of simplifying the concept without getting caught up using terms of linguistics that only experts can understand. The book includes expanded and updated discussion, revised exercises, an answer key, a glossary of key concepts, an appendix covering space and time, and an index of Scriptures cited. Professors and students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, will use this is as a supplemental text in both beginning and advanced Greek courses. Pastors that study the Greek text will also appreciate this resource as a supplement to their preaching and teaching.

  • Provides an accessible introduction to verbal aspect in biblical Greek
  • Simplifies the concept without getting caught up using terms of linguistics that only experts can understand
  • Includes expanded and updated discussion and revised exercises

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